Where Do Actors and Production Staff Stay When Filming in the Mountains?

Despite the fact that films can be easily edited using CGI, it is still great to come as close to reality as possible. This is why most movies still go to various locations to achieve the best results possible. There are some scenes that have to be taken in the mountains or other remote locations. The entire cast and crew have to be taken to these locations when filming.

Sometimes, films take days before completion. It depends on the length in which the scenes must be in that location and how long the actors can finish a scene. In the event that the scenes have to be filmed in the mountains for days, it would be impractical to keep moving back and forth. Everyone has to stay on location up until filming is done.

For movies with big stars as cast, they are usually brought to the nearest comfortable hotel. Sometimes, they have to be brought to a very far location if they demand so. However, if it would be too impractical, they have no choice but to stay there. It doesn’t matter whether how big they are as celebrities; they have to be there just like everyone else.

Trailer trucks

Some production people tend to be more creative. They redesign ordinary trucks to make them look like a house. Some of them can even have air conditioners. They are comfortable enough for celebrities to not complain. The only problem is that they might cost a lot. Only huge stars can be accommodated in this kind of truck. This is perfect only for movies with a huge budget.


There are instances in which movies are not given that big of a budget by the production team. As a result, there must be cuts on the amount to be spent whenever possible. Usually, the place where the cast and crew have to stay for the night is affected.

The most convenient and practical choice is a tent. The good thing is that it is easy finding the best tents under 100. They are good enough for several people to sleep in when the location of the film is in the mountains. As long as they are quality tents, it doesn’t have to be a problem.

Tents may also be used as dressing rooms, makeup rooms and bedrooms. They are very flexible. This is why most production teams make use of tents, especially in remote locations. These tents can be reused for future filming.

It entails sacrifice

Filming a movie entails sacrifice. Even big stars have to be uncomfortable for a night or two just to get the film done. Once the film is finished and the results are out, these sacrifices will be worth it. This experience is better than simply using CGI to make everything look good. Back then, stars had to suffer even more. Today, celebrities are lucky that CGI techniques are available. If you are in a production team, consider the best options when celebrities are required to stay in a remote location for filming a set to avoid problems.

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