Take A Look At The All New Celebrity Big Brother House


The new housemates are ready to decorate the Big Brother House and it is time for some makeover. Good Morning Britain gave a sneak peek into the new digs. There was not time for the new design. Though, there was no time to completely change the design, a few things were added to enhance the flavor of the house. The eviction stairs are made of golden color and the sofa in the living room has been changed to green. The new dairy route shines all bright with a unique design in the center. The bedroom comes with two double and one single bed.

The closet space for each housemate is golden and is the same as the ones used by the regular housemates. The bedroom has a strange décor, the golden monkey lamp. There is no information on whether there are any changes in the other rooms or if the Dairy room has a makeover. Will the bedroom be no good this time? Well it is time to keep your fingers crossed. After Hughie’s bogus meltdown wonder if the bathroom design is altered. There are various inputs coming from insiders about the CBB new design. But yet the reality show organizers have announced a twist for the viewers on the launch day.

Some of the celebrities rumored to be the housemates include Sam Fox, the glamorous Page 3 girl, Marnie Simpson of Geordie Shore and Katie Waissel of X Factor. The contestants will be as glamorous as the house is expected to be with new makeover and exciting designs. But remember the CBB House should not be too comfortable for the contestants. They should not feel at home. Despite all the glittering and attractive decors and accessories the households, it will not be a path of roses for the contestants. Enjoy the fun and excitement! Keep waiting for the CBB launch night!

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Ideas For Big Bother Themed Party

e16814image1aThere are few ideas which could add the flavor of Big Brother to the themed party.
The Big Brother Key- in the show, the contestants are invited into the game after they receive a key. This idea can be used, in which the party guests can be given a key when they arrive.

One of the major attractions in a party is the food. For this themed party, there can be two kinds of food- “Haves” and “have nots”. The “have nots” section can contain peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which is the traditional big brother food. The “haves’ section would contain all usual party food.

To have a food completion, little games can be conducted to determine the winners. For example, each guest can be given a blown balloon and they must be asked to place the balloon between their knees and must try and stand on one leg while still holding the balloons. The ones who drop the balloon or puts their foot down lose the game, and they have to eat only the “have nots” food.

Simple games like Big Brother trivia can be held, where the guests must identify the season in which a particular celebrity appeared in the show. Scrabble, Up words are other game suggestions.

Beth Chapman Unhappy With Celebrity Big Brother

Beth_Chapman_explains_why_she_didn_t_enter_the_Celebrity_Big_Brother_houseBeth Chapman pulled out of the reality series after being rejected a visa it is reported by Mirror Online. Though, the star was not ready for comments and she hinted that the relationship with Celebrity Big Brother team was not rosy any more. Beth took time off to explain on Twitter her last-minute exit filled with drama at the CBB. The fans response was immense and as an answer to their response she posted a sad smiley face as she suggested her displeasure with the sudden change of events. To a tweet of a follower who was expecting to see her on the show, she tweeted back, “Me too!”

In reply to a fan tweet, Beth replied that she too went with the statement and she was referring to it. The reason for her ouster was given as denial of visa. The Sun reported that the US star was not given visa on grounds that she had a criminal record on her. It was of alleged shoplifting in the 1980s. In response to this statement, Beth said that there were no convictions against her. It may be noted that she spent a few days in prison for alleged shoplifting in the late 80s.

The star’s forced exit came as a shocker to Channel 5. Insiders claimed that the Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife is sure to cause some explosion at the CBB house. Sun reported that Beth will not be appearing on CBB now. The bosses were not available for comments as there were geared up for the big launch and did not want to spoil the show with unwanted comments. Beth’s husband Duane was not available for comment, despite trying to reach him for comments he has not responded. So as fans are eagerly waiting for the return of their favorite star to the show, we have not yet received any official news that confirms the same.

Awaiting Big Brother 2016 With Christopher Biggins Turning The Favorite

bigginsChannel 5 is keeping the wraps on while not revealing who which celebrity will be at the Big Brother, the surprise is mounting. The cryptic Instagram to the Big Brother account has it that Marnie Simpson of Geordie Shore is a confirmed entrant. The new series is likely to kickstart in July 28, on Thursday at 9pm, just two days after the regular BB series ends. The launch program will go on for about 2 hours and at 11pm by the Celebrity Big Brother Bit. So, when will the series come to an end? It is reported that it will be a 35 day series. The finals will be held on August 31, Wednesday at the same time.

The presenters for the series will be Emma Willis and Ryan Clark Neal. While the former will host the show, the latter will host the spin off along with CBB’s Bit on the Side. So what will be the odds for winning the Celebrity Big Brother 2016. The contestants include Christopher Biggins, Marine Simpson, Ricky Norwood, Lewis Bloor, Helen Lederer, Renee Graziano, Beth Chaoma, Sam Fox, Saira Khan, Chloe Khan, Franke Grande, Stephen Bear, Katie Waissel, James Whale, Aubrey O’Day and Grant Bovey.

Among the Celebrity Big Brother housemates, the favorite is Christopher Biggins with odds of 3/1, followed by Marnie Simpson 9/2. Biggins is a big favorite on reality TV and looks it he has the odds in his favorite. Well, Geordie Shore star is not far behind and if luck smiles on her she are sure to struck gold at the show. If it happens it will be a hat trick for the star. The Daily Star earlier leaked that the celebrities list is a total of 17. Whether Channel 5 is up to spring any surprise, it is best to wait.

Get To Know Info About Your Favorite Celebrity – Katie Waissel

1364076344082Katie Waissel is no longer in the limelight but it is time to know her as she will be a participant at the Celebrity Big Brother House. The singer was a hit on the ITV show and this may be her launchpad to her second innings. Katie was featured in a reality show Green Eyed World before getting into X Factor. The programme highlighted her attempt to get into the record label in Europe and America. Her slag in her career took her to X Factor where she made good progress despite being disliked by the audience. She was eliminated in the eighth week after finishing seventh.

After her stint at X Factor she debuted in an album with Chamberlain Records. She was also a participant at The Alan Titchmarsh Show, the Late Late Show and The Ugly Truth. After her marriage to Brad Alphonso in the year 2012 ended in a divorce, she remarried comedy show host Brain Moote of The Bert Show. She is known as a performer and this character strait may be a hindrance with the other Big Brother housemates it is felt. The talk is that there would be some fireworks between Renee Graziano of Mob Wives star and her on the sets.