Ideas For Big Bother Themed Party

e16814image1aThere are few ideas which could add the flavor of Big Brother to the themed party.
The Big Brother Key- in the show, the contestants are invited into the game after they receive a key. This idea can be used, in which the party guests can be given a key when they arrive.

One of the major attractions in a party is the food. For this themed party, there can be two kinds of food- “Haves” and “have nots”. The “have nots” section can contain peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which is the traditional big brother food. The “haves’ section would contain all usual party food.

To have a food completion, little games can be conducted to determine the winners. For example, each guest can be given a blown balloon and they must be asked to place the balloon between their knees and must try and stand on one leg while still holding the balloons. The ones who drop the balloon or puts their foot down lose the game, and they have to eat only the “have nots” food.

Simple games like Big Brother trivia can be held, where the guests must identify the season in which a particular celebrity appeared in the show. Scrabble, Up words are other game suggestions.

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