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Before you e-mail us, please read through the questions below: (Updated early May 2006)

PLEASE NOTE: This is an old page which will no longer be updated. To read the latest FAQ's, please go via our 'Contact Us' page, which always links to the latest version of our Frequently Asked Questions.

1. I enjoyed watching BB6 and more recently CBB4, but will the show definitely be back for another series? Also, how long will the franchise continue?

Channel 4 agreed a deal with programme-makers Endemol to screen Big Brother in the UK for at least another two years after BB6. So, with Big Brother 7 starting on the 18th of May 2006, and BB8 following in the summer of 2007, there will probably be a total of eight series since the show began in 2000 (not including the Celebrity versions).

We say 'probably' above, mainly because the show could well continue for another couple of years after that, but this is subject to public demand and sustained viewing figures etc.

It has now been confirmed that the forthcoming series, number 7, will last for 13 weeks. This makes it the longest series yet in the UK.

2. It's now early-May 2006, can I still apply to be on Big Brother 7 this summer?

No, absolutely and definitely NOT! Unfortunately you've missed all the auditions.

For clarification of the situation, along with plenty of information about what happens in the weeks and months subsequent to the auditions, please read this article from our Latest News section, which was published in early March.

If you want to read about the BB7 application/ audition process in order to prepare yourself for next year, please see the relevant article in our Latest News section dated 23/01/06. This article, which is all about applying for Big Brother 7, also contains a dedicated page full of audition-specific 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

FYI, applications for next year's show, Big Brother 8 in 2007, will take place right at the end of 2006/ early 2007. Please don't e-mail us and ask how you can apply for BB8, as there's a good seven-or-eight months to go until you'll be able to do-so.

3. So, is there any chance whatsoever of me getting on Big Brother 7 now?

Normally we'd say 'no', however there is actually a chance for one person to get a place in the House without auditioning.

Chocolate bar manufacturer Nestle has got together with Endemol to produce some special KitKit bars, due to go on sale in late May, some of which contain golden tickets to help you get on Big Brother 7.

If you've seen the film 'Willy Wonka' you'll be familiar with the concept. The only difference is that in the film, it was kids who got to benefit from finding a golden ticket. However, you must be over 18 to get into the Big Brother house, golden ticket or not!

For more details, please read the relevant story dated 07/05/06 in our Latest News section.

4. I came to an audition for Big Brother 7, but am annoyed at the way I was treated. The producers ignored me/ overlooked me/ only paid attention to the loud-mouths/ asked me stupid questions/ seemed pretentious/ were outrageously young etc. etc. etc.

STOP! To be frank, there's only one response to this type of e-mail, and that's to re-iterate that you weren't successful, so get over it! Harsh, but true.

Please bear in mind that, as detailed in our dedicated Audition FAQ's, no-one gave any guarantees that you'd be selected, called back or even noticed by the producers.

Our advice is to just be philosophical about it and look forward to watching the show this summer. It's their loss, so try again next time maybe?

Writing-in to say that the show will be completely rubbish now that you're not on it is somewhat ridiculous and rather pathetic; this kind of thing will likely just make us laugh out loud at your obvious desperation!

5. I've forgotten; when was the last series of Big Brother in the UK and who won it?

Apart from the short-format CBB4 series which was won by Chantelle Houghton in January 2006, the sixth series of the show, which ran for 11 weeks (previous series were 9 and 10 weeks long), began on the 27th of May and ended on the 12th of August 2005.

Disco-dancing Geordie Anthony Hutton was the Winner of Big Brother 6. To see how long each of the sixteen housemates lasted in the game, check-out their individual profiles by clicking the images above.

6. Is there a DVD of Big Brother 6 available to buy? What about 2004's Big Brother 5?

No, there isn't (notwithstanding the very limited one that comes with Paul Flynn's book, 'Big Brother Access All Areas'). Although the first four series of the show had an Official DVD released, there wasn't one for the most recent series and there isn't going to be one. This is a shame, as there was definitely a demand for it.

Regarding Series 5's DVD, please read this story about a freebie DVD that was produced in conjunction with The Sun newspaper. Please bear in mind that we have none left now though, so we definitely can't send you one.

Perhaps fans of the show should lobby Channel 4 to produce an Official DVD for the next series, complete with a bonus disc containing decent highlights of Big Brother 5 and 6? Send us an e-mail if you want BBO to help with this; if we get enough responses etc...

7.Can you tell me where to buy an item of clothing or jewellery that I've seen a housemate wearing during the series?

No, we have no idea where they shop! Sorry, but we generally can't help with such queries, notwithstanding any adverts that may appear on the BBO site (such as the one for the Jodie Marsh padlock ring).

8. Will there be another series of (Teen) Big Brother, featuring teenage contestants? If so, can I apply to be on it?

Almost certainly not. There's been just one series of 'Teen Big Brother' (in 2003), which lasted for ten days and was won by a young guy called Paul. At one time we thought there might be a second series of this 'experimental' show, however it is highly unlikely now. So, unless you're 18 or over when the next series of Big Brother starts, you won't be entering the Big Brother House any time soon. Sorry!

Should that situation change, we'll detail it in the Latest News section of this site. In the meantime though, please don't e-mail us and ask how to apply, or even suggest the idea of a Big Brother show featuring teenagers. FYI, the Big Brother TV show concept remains, as always, aimed at an adult audience.

9. Can you pass a message on to one of the ex-Big Brother contestants or tell me how to contact them? If not, could you send me a signed photo instead?

Nope. Sorry, but we genuinely can't help you with such queries.

The ex-housemates are often rather difficult for even the media to get hold of, sometimes because they want to slip into obscurity when the show ends. Also, their respective agents, who are generally allocated by Endemol as soon the housemates leave, can be quite tricky to deal-with for various reasons.

Please don't write and ask us to help you contact the ex-housemates, or to forward-on your correspondence/ marriage proposals etc. It ain't gonna happen!

10. Where is the Big Brother House located?

The current house, the second one used for BB in the UK, is in the grounds of the world-famous Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. The original house, located in Bow, London, was knocked down as programme-makers Endemol couldn't get planning permission for it to remain in use.

There have been rumours in the past that a new, third house is set to be built, mainly because the current one causes problems for the people living in the nearby residential area (i.e. noise, the crowds of people hanging around etc.)

However, it doesn't look like this is going to happen for series 7, but we'll you know in the Latest News section of the site if we get any more news. The current house, which cost around £500,000 to build, always receives an extensive makeover for each new series.

11. Can I come and work on the Big Brother show as part of my Work Experience?

Probably NOT to be brutally honest, but you would need to contact Endemol with such queries, as the making of the show is nothing to do with us here at BBO.

12. Is it okay to e-mail you and let you know about errors on the BBO site?

Of course you can. It's really helpful when people write and let us know about technical problems or grammatical/ spelling errors within the site, although they're rare... or so we like to think!

The FAQ section will grow as we receive more of the same questions during Big Brother 7 in 2006. Please check back soon.


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