How Do People Stay in Shape in the Big Brother House?

how-do-people-stay-in-shape-in-the-big-brother-houseBig Brother is a unique reality show concept in a sense that all contestants are placed in one house for several days. They are cut off from the outside world. They have to live together up until the last day or the day they were evicted. Though there are tasks and challenges, most of the times, they are doing nothing. This makes you wonder how they stay in shape while they are inside. The truth is that they keep themselves busy so that they will remain in good shape.

Using the gym equipment

Most Big Brother houses are equipped with weight loss machines. Basic equipment like treadmill and leg press is usually present. Dumbbells are also available. Other items like the best elliptical trainers can also be found. Those who make use of these items will most likely stay in shape. Those who don’t will end up gaining weight as soon as they leave the house.

Maximizing the pool

A swimming pool is usually a part of Big Brother houses around the world. There are challenges done in the pool. Usually though, this is where housemates hang out. They talk about each other’s lives while on the pool. They also strategize while the others are inside. Most of all, they use the time to exercise through swimming.

Playing the games

If the fitness equipment is not enough to make them stay in shape, then the challenges will. Some of the Big Brother’s tasks are physically daunting. They require stamina. Some challenges would require housemates to hold on to their position for several hours or else they will be eliminated. In some other activities, they have to stay up all night. They can’t sleep or else they will lose the chance to win.

These are just some of the ways housemates stay in shape while they are inside. All of these activities require conscious efforts. Those who do nothing and just keep on eating will most likely suffer from weight gain in the end. In fact, this is a reality not just for the housemates, but for all of us.

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