What It’s Like to Sleep in the Big Brother House?


Big Brother is one of the longest running reality shows around the world. It was created by John de Mol and was originally broadcasted in The Netherlands. Since then, Big Brother has become a worldwide phenomenon. It has already reached 18 seasons in the UK. This show is unique in a sense that strangers are put together in one house to complete various challenges, get along with people whom they don’t know and gradually eliminated from the house up until only one housemate remains standing. The most difficult part is that there are cameras all over the house and every move by the housemates is recorded, even when they are sleeping.

Doing the challenges alone is already difficult. You can only imagine how much more of a challenge it is to guard your every move because you know that there is a camera following you around. So, what is it really like to sleep in the Big Brother house?

Different beds

There have been different types of beds used in the Big Brother house, in various franchises. Usually, the beds are comfortable, in fact they’re equipped with the best mattress for back problems! That’s a whole lot better than what most people have in their homes! Some of the contestants have to share a queen size bed, while others have to sleep in a double decker. In the US version of the show, there are “have nots” in each week where housemates are forced to sleep in an uncomfortable bed. There was a season when the “have nots” are forced to sleep on a very cold bed. In other seasons, they need to squeeze in a tiny, unconventional bed like a bump car. Others even have to sleep on the floor.

The challenges

Though the beds are comfortable in most instances, the problems are the challenges that come with it. For instance, there are tasks that have to be accomplished overnight. Housemates are sleep deprived most of the times. There are other tasks that require them to wake up early. Worse, there are challenges that have to be done in the middle of the night. This does not even include those housemates who are too loud and just can’t keep quiet to make others sleep.
Another challenge is what you do on the bed. Those who snore loud will most likely be humiliated. Others even sleep talk and it is also embarrassing. The worst part is that over the years, a lot of housemates have been involved in a humiliating scandal for not being able to control their urges. Their videos have been fully recorded as there are cameras on the bedroom, even when the lights are off.

A unique experience

Being inside the house is such a huge challenge. We all need enough sleep and being deprived of such will most likely affect us in many ways. We are not in the mood if we sleep only for a few hours. We also feel tired or even get sick if it becomes a pattern. You can only imagine what the housemates have to go through as some Big Brother seasons could go on for months.

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