Will There Be A Big Brother Season This Fall?

Big Brother series is usually aired during summer but it is anticipated that the series will be up this fall much to the surprise of the fans. The show is under the casting and will be aired in the second week of September it is predicted after the end of Big Brother 18. This is only the second time the show is aired in fall and it will be interesting to note how it will suit the fall schedule as it is already a packed house. Though, it is not exactly known when the show will be aired because there is already a reality show planned for fall called the Survivor and another one is in the making named The Amazing Race.

rs_300x300-150624150721-600.big-brotherSo what if there is no space to air Big Brother, well there is nothing to worry as the show may be pushed on CBS’s other network POP that has Big Brother After Dark already running. Or it may be available on All-Access app at $5.99 per month. It may be noted that Big Brother fans are already watching the live feeds on All Access and it will not make much difference. But for those who are not on All Access, it could be a dampener and they may stay away from watching the show, if CBS decides not to air the show on their channel.

Though there are mixed feeling on the Big Brother show appearing sooner than expected. While Big Brother fans find it a good bout of entertainment, while others feel it would be too much of a dose for a drama again. Some prefer the summer launch but fans love to experience the drama in fall as well. Despite the diverse views CBS may go in for the fall launch though through which channel is yet to be decided. Until then it is a wait and watch game for the audience.

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