Is the Water at the Big Brother House Softened?

Water softening is a process in which calcium and magnesium are removed from the water. Other metals that make water harder and riskier are also removed. This is essential to make the water safe for people drinking it.

This is why the Big Brother house needs a water softener. The housemates are locked inside the house for several days. They have no connections to the outside world. They could not afford to be sick. They also face a lot of challenges on a daily basis. They are already placing their health at risk due to these challenges. Water as a basic need must no longer be one of the problems they have to face or else it would be difficult for them to survive the house.

Considering all the emotional challenges and trauma that they need to deal with, they should at least not worry about their physical health. They already have to battle it out to have enough food supplies within the week. Thus, they must at least be provided with clean drinking water.

Constant checking

The good thing about Big Brother is that as each season ends, the house is transformed. It is made to look great so that the housemates would have a great experience while they are inside. The house is already iconic. The housemates are also observed at all times by the viewers. Therefore, the house should at least look great. This comes with both renovations of the exteriors and the internal problems like plumbing. As the new season begins, the house is totally ready to accommodate a new set of housemates.

If you want to have your water at home softened and treated, check out this helpful article to help choose the best water softener. You deserve to live in a better environment and this is the best way to deal with water related issues. You can also ask someone to have the water system at home checked for potential problems. This already concerns the health of the people you love. You can’t afford to go wrong with it. You may not be appearing on national television, but you are still living a real life.

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What Types of Food Did They Have at the Big Brother House?

Big Brother is one of the most successful franchises in the history of television. It is based on the original Dutch TV reality/game show of the same name. It has created a cult following in the United States. The basic premise of the show is that there are guests who live in house monitored 24/7 by hidden cameras. Of course, the contestants know that they are being watched. They also know that if they want to remain in the game, they have to follow the rules, win challenges and make sure that they are not evicted.

Staying in a home alone with other strangers brings different dynamics into play. There is also the problem of how to be interested and be interesting while inside the house. For ordinary people, the main question on their minds is what food is available inside the Big Brother House?

The US version of the Big Brother house offers food which is common to the participants. This is also true for other Big Brother series in other countries. The premise of the game itself is stressful and can lead to cabin fever. For the Big Brother contestants, there is the safe knowledge that food is something they are familiar with, and it does not in any way add to the stressful situation of being cooped with total strangers.


For breakfast, the normal household fare is served to the house members. There is bacon, eggs, bread, cereals, juice, and coffee. If a participant would want to bake his own bread, there is usually a breadmaker available, along with other kitchen appliances like the microwave oven, the blender, food processor, coffee maker, refrigerator, stove, oven, and grill.


Lunch is also for the most part plain and simple. The Big Brother residents are also allowed to cook pretty much whatever they want. This is not a democracy, but there is a simple respect in the kitchen that if anyone wants to cook, the others can respect the food, or cook something else instead. It is a simple thing to process.

This usually results in food being whatever the contestants can cook. The things we love about this is that at some point during the stay, there would be someone who would designate himself or herself as the cook. Mainly because he or she is the only one who knows how to cook anything.

The menu in the Big Brother house usually stays away from unfamiliar protein like fish, venison, or veal. There have been instances of lamb, but it is usually pork or beef as the protein. Beans and vegetables are also more limited than what regular people would have. In several seasons of Big Brother, there have been instances when special regional food has been served, just because one of the contestants know how to cook it. In this case, special food can be grits and sliders.


If food was a challenge in the house, a lot of the contestants would have been evicted simply because they don’t know how to cook. This is reflective of the backgrounds of the contestants. The house members are usually chosen for their looks and personality, and almost never because they know how to cook.

Dinner can be a special treat, and it has special significance because of the extended discussions during the meal which are shown on TV. The dinner menu is much like the lunch menu.
There is, of course, slop HouseGuests who are being punished.

Special Occasions

There have been special occasions inside Big Brother’s house. During these times, there were feasts and special menus for the HouseGuests. This is based on the theme of the party.

Food has never been a problem in the Big Brother house. As contestants they are all well-fed, except for cases when a member is being punished. However, overall, food is the least of their worries, unlike in other reality game shows where food can be a challenge or a game changer. This is one show where people can grow fat because they now have less exercise and access to more food than they were in the real world. Contestants have access to whatever food they want, and it shows in the way that food and cooking is almost taken for granted.

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Is the Kitchen in Big Brother’s House Fully Equipped?

Is the Kitchen in Big Brother's House Fully EquippedBig Brother is one of the longest running reality shows on television. It is popular not just because of the concept of the show, but also because of how amazing the house really is to begin with. Despite all the challenges and craziness that come with the show, it is still worth watching.

Sometimes, when the housemates simply talk with each other, you don’t have to listen to them. You just need to take the time to appreciate the beauty of the house. Each season, they renovate the house and make it look better than before. They also try to make it as comfortable as possible for the housemates. Considering what they had to go through during the entire season, they would at least find comfort in the place where they live.

The housemates also have to make the most out of what they have. They are cut off from the outside world. It means that they need to prepare their own dishes. This is why it is great that the house’s kitchen is well-equipped. It has everything they need to prepare their meals. Sometimes, their food supplies are affected by some of the challenges, but the appliances remain there. They have fridge to store their food. They also have oven if they want to bake. They even have a gas range for cooking. In short, they won’t feel like they are being deprived in terms of food.

You can take inspiration from the show if you are interested in renovating your home. There are a lot of great ideas that are injected on the show from one season after another. This is why despite being on air for several seasons now, it remains one of the most popular shows ever.

Who knows? You can come up with a much better concept than Big Brother. You can put your personal touch on every corner of your home to make it more fascinating. Just see how this plan changes the way you see your home in the future.

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Where Do Actors and Production Staff Stay When Filming in the Mountains?

Despite the fact that films can be easily edited using CGI, it is still great to come as close to reality as possible. This is why most movies still go to various locations to achieve the best results possible. There are some scenes that have to be taken in the mountains or other remote locations. The entire cast and crew have to be taken to these locations when filming.

Sometimes, films take days before completion. It depends on the length in which the scenes must be in that location and how long the actors can finish a scene. In the event that the scenes have to be filmed in the mountains for days, it would be impractical to keep moving back and forth. Everyone has to stay on location up until filming is done.

For movies with big stars as cast, they are usually brought to the nearest comfortable hotel. Sometimes, they have to be brought to a very far location if they demand so. However, if it would be too impractical, they have no choice but to stay there. It doesn’t matter whether how big they are as celebrities; they have to be there just like everyone else.

Trailer trucks

Some production people tend to be more creative. They redesign ordinary trucks to make them look like a house. Some of them can even have air conditioners. They are comfortable enough for celebrities to not complain. The only problem is that they might cost a lot. Only huge stars can be accommodated in this kind of truck. This is perfect only for movies with a huge budget.


There are instances in which movies are not given that big of a budget by the production team. As a result, there must be cuts on the amount to be spent whenever possible. Usually, the place where the cast and crew have to stay for the night is affected.

The most convenient and practical choice is a tent. The good thing is that it is easy finding the best tents under 100. They are good enough for several people to sleep in when the location of the film is in the mountains. As long as they are quality tents, it doesn’t have to be a problem.

Tents may also be used as dressing rooms, makeup rooms and bedrooms. They are very flexible. This is why most production teams make use of tents, especially in remote locations. These tents can be reused for future filming.

It entails sacrifice

Filming a movie entails sacrifice. Even big stars have to be uncomfortable for a night or two just to get the film done. Once the film is finished and the results are out, these sacrifices will be worth it. This experience is better than simply using CGI to make everything look good. Back then, stars had to suffer even more. Today, celebrities are lucky that CGI techniques are available. If you are in a production team, consider the best options when celebrities are required to stay in a remote location for filming a set to avoid problems.

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How Do People Stay in Shape in the Big Brother House?

how-do-people-stay-in-shape-in-the-big-brother-houseBig Brother is a unique reality show concept in a sense that all contestants are placed in one house for several days. They are cut off from the outside world. They have to live together up until the last day or the day they were evicted. Though there are tasks and challenges, most of the times, they are doing nothing. This makes you wonder how they stay in shape while they are inside. The truth is that they keep themselves busy so that they will remain in good shape.

Using the gym equipment

Most Big Brother houses are equipped with weight loss machines. Basic equipment like treadmill and leg press is usually present. Dumbbells are also available. Other items like the best elliptical trainers can also be found. Those who make use of these items will most likely stay in shape. Those who don’t will end up gaining weight as soon as they leave the house.

Maximizing the pool

A swimming pool is usually a part of Big Brother houses around the world. There are challenges done in the pool. Usually though, this is where housemates hang out. They talk about each other’s lives while on the pool. They also strategize while the others are inside. Most of all, they use the time to exercise through swimming.

Playing the games

If the fitness equipment is not enough to make them stay in shape, then the challenges will. Some of the Big Brother’s tasks are physically daunting. They require stamina. Some challenges would require housemates to hold on to their position for several hours or else they will be eliminated. In some other activities, they have to stay up all night. They can’t sleep or else they will lose the chance to win.

These are just some of the ways housemates stay in shape while they are inside. All of these activities require conscious efforts. Those who do nothing and just keep on eating will most likely suffer from weight gain in the end. In fact, this is a reality not just for the housemates, but for all of us.

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What It’s Like to Sleep in the Big Brother House?


Big Brother is one of the longest running reality shows around the world. It was created by John de Mol and was originally broadcasted in The Netherlands. Since then, Big Brother has become a worldwide phenomenon. It has already reached 18 seasons in the UK. This show is unique in a sense that strangers are put together in one house to complete various challenges, get along with people whom they don’t know and gradually eliminated from the house up until only one housemate remains standing. The most difficult part is that there are cameras all over the house and every move by the housemates is recorded, even when they are sleeping.

Doing the challenges alone is already difficult. You can only imagine how much more of a challenge it is to guard your every move because you know that there is a camera following you around. So, what is it really like to sleep in the Big Brother house?

Different beds

There have been different types of beds used in the Big Brother house, in various franchises. Usually, the beds are comfortable, in fact they’re equipped with the best mattress for back problems! That’s a whole lot better than what most people have in their homes! Some of the contestants have to share a queen size bed, while others have to sleep in a double decker. In the US version of the show, there are “have nots” in each week where housemates are forced to sleep in an uncomfortable bed. There was a season when the “have nots” are forced to sleep on a very cold bed. In other seasons, they need to squeeze in a tiny, unconventional bed like a bump car. Others even have to sleep on the floor.

The challenges

Though the beds are comfortable in most instances, the problems are the challenges that come with it. For instance, there are tasks that have to be accomplished overnight. Housemates are sleep deprived most of the times. There are other tasks that require them to wake up early. Worse, there are challenges that have to be done in the middle of the night. This does not even include those housemates who are too loud and just can’t keep quiet to make others sleep.
Another challenge is what you do on the bed. Those who snore loud will most likely be humiliated. Others even sleep talk and it is also embarrassing. The worst part is that over the years, a lot of housemates have been involved in a humiliating scandal for not being able to control their urges. Their videos have been fully recorded as there are cameras on the bedroom, even when the lights are off.

A unique experience

Being inside the house is such a huge challenge. We all need enough sleep and being deprived of such will most likely affect us in many ways. We are not in the mood if we sleep only for a few hours. We also feel tired or even get sick if it becomes a pattern. You can only imagine what the housemates have to go through as some Big Brother seasons could go on for months.

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Will There Be A Big Brother Season This Fall?

Big Brother series is usually aired during summer but it is anticipated that the series will be up this fall much to the surprise of the fans. The show is under the casting and will be aired in the second week of September it is predicted after the end of Big Brother 18. This is only the second time the show is aired in fall and it will be interesting to note how it will suit the fall schedule as it is already a packed house. Though, it is not exactly known when the show will be aired because there is already a reality show planned for fall called the Survivor and another one is in the making named The Amazing Race.

rs_300x300-150624150721-600.big-brotherSo what if there is no space to air Big Brother, well there is nothing to worry as the show may be pushed on CBS’s other network POP that has Big Brother After Dark already running. Or it may be available on All-Access app at $5.99 per month. It may be noted that Big Brother fans are already watching the live feeds on All Access and it will not make much difference. But for those who are not on All Access, it could be a dampener and they may stay away from watching the show, if CBS decides not to air the show on their channel.

Though there are mixed feeling on the Big Brother show appearing sooner than expected. While Big Brother fans find it a good bout of entertainment, while others feel it would be too much of a dose for a drama again. Some prefer the summer launch but fans love to experience the drama in fall as well. Despite the diverse views CBS may go in for the fall launch though through which channel is yet to be decided. Until then it is a wait and watch game for the audience.

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Watch Celebrity Big Brother Online

7147978_watch-being-mary-jane-online-season-3-episode_187b4e13_mThe Celebrity Big Brother will be featured on Channel 5 and the finals date is not yet revealed. If you are too busy to catch the show live on TV, do not worry. You can watch it online. Watch the inmates live on the Big Brother page exclusively dedicated by Channel 5. There are previous episodes of the show can also be watched on demand. The episodes include launch show, daily shows, live final of the 2014 CBB. These will remain till the end of March 2015. You can grab some interesting moments at the Big Brother YouTube channel. Exclusive Big Brother content and interviews are also available online.

160729-news-big-brother-frankThe Big Brother house has been given a fairy tale twist since 2015. The decors feature “whimsical elements” invoking curiosity and possibility and could be a disaster for the housemates. Meanwhile, Channel 5 has revealed that something sinister is hiding in the waiting. It is a wait and watch game to see if the housemates will enjoy the fairytale adventure or will they denounce it. There are unannounced celebrities warned of the twist. So be ready to experience surprises and enjoy the show.

The main show will be hosted by Emma Willis along with Rylan Clarke, X Factor contestant at the spin off show. Some of the other celebrities entering the house include Ken Morley, actor from the soap Coronation Street. He also starred in sitcoms Hardware and Benidorm. Nadia Sawalha, actress from the BBC One soap opera EastEnders, Ronan Keating, actor and singer who recorded singles with Boyzone. Richie Burnett, dart player, Patsy Kenist, model and singer from ITV soap Emmerdale, she appeared in One’s Casualty on BBC and Kavana a top ten singles singer in the 1990s. She also has to her credit various theatre productions and a friend of former Spice Girl Mel B.

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